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If you want an experienced lawyer in Spanish law resident in Inca (Mallorca), Abogados Amengual can advise you and represent you in any legal issue in Mallorca.

Our services

Abogados Amengual are specialists in most of legal services. For example:

Civil Law

  • Drawing up civil agreement
  • Payment claims
  • Out-of-court agreements in the case of equity disputes
  • Public liability and liability for damages which derive from contracts, traffic accidents, medical negligence
  • Small Debts Proceedings
  • Tenancy issues
  • Litigation in neighbourhood affairs and/or communities of owners
  • Execution of judgments and other titles
  • Exchange procedures (cheques, bills of exchange)

Commercial and economic law

  • Contracts for construction and industry, agencies, factors, suppliers, franchises, capital leases
  • Study of the client´s needs according to the type of contract used
  • Negotiation and drafting of all types of contracts, national and international
  • General conditions of sale and purchase

Criminal Law

We provide legal counselling and legal guidance for the accusation and/or prosecution of crimes or the defence of an individual or organisation, such as:

  • Application for interim measures
  • Preparing accusations and complaints
  • Appearance in the proceedings as a private prosecutor
  • Request of taking evidence
  • Drafting prosecution and defence briefs for an accusation or a complaint
  • Assistance for detainees, “habeas corpus” proceedings.
  • Follow-up of the pre-trial stage, ensuring the rights of the accused are safeguarded
  • Assistance in the interrogations

Property law

Nuestro despacho presta un amplio abanico de servicios de asesoramiento en materia inmobiliaria:

  • Arrendamientos urbanos y rústicos.
  • Propiedad horizontal.
  • Promoción inmobiliaria.
  • Gestión de patrimonios.

Administrative law

  • Administrative disciplinary law
  • State liability of Public Administration
  • Public procurement
  • Compulsory expropriation

Financial and TAX law

  • Registrations/ Cancellations
  • VAT
  • Company Tax
  • Payment by instalments (split payments)
  • Deductions
  • Income Tax and Assets declaration
  • Declarations of Income and Assets
  • Inheritance and Gift Tax
  • Taxes derived from the purchase, sale or rent of properties
  • Non-residents´ tax contributions in Spain, bearing in mind the double taxation conventions, which could be applicable
  • Application and management of Tax exemptions or Tax reductions
  • Design of declaration models


For a better service, Ask us your questions and an lawyer from our firm will contact as soon as possible and trying to offer the best solutions to you problems.

About Felip Amengual Lawyers

Lawyer Felip Amengual, the best lawyer in Inca Mallorca, offers its services throughout Mallorca since 1993 by Felip Amengual. Since its inception the law firm is characterized by adapting to the demands of the moment and our customers, reception and customer care in several languages ​​(both telephone and in person )

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